Saturday, 29 August 2020

Thoughts from jazz promoter Paul Smith

Jazz picnic - Leeds
Hey jazz promoters, musicians and supporters!

'Post Covid' live music is here. We need to motivate ourselves. Throw a pebble in the water and create a ripple. We have to find new venues to play outside or inside, observing the social distancing rules of the time, and perhaps making them 'bucket', or self funding gigs. The audience is on our side and ready to support us to make the changes work. A jazz 'think tank' could be set up on Facebook for musicians of all ages and abilities to voice their ideas?

A number of us have taken the on-line music route but remember recording at home is only an interim measure until we can get out and gig again in front of a live audience. If you play on your own, there’s no one to fall out with!

nb Professor Chris Whitty (England's Chief Medical Officer) tells us this state of affairs is going to be with us for at least another year. Let's take positive action and make a difference now!




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