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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Helping Our Bands And Musicians

To jazz musicians and artists

During these challenging times for Northern Jazz bands and musicians, you are invited to email us at or with the following details, to perhaps help with generating an additional income stream. Please restrict your information as requested, as there’s only one person putting it all together:
  1. Name of artist/band
  2. A link to your main website OR facebook page
  3. A link to a purchase page OR a CD you want people to buy
  4. A link to single track purchases
  5. A YouTube share link (if no video link, I will accept one photo)
Suggestion: You may like to include a link whereby a person could buy just one track to download (as well as the option to buy a whole album) and we could encourage visitors to buy at least one track from a number of bands/musicians, to spread the support as widely as possible. (Items will be added in order of receipt and alphabetically for items arriving at the same time).

The page link on Northern Jazz Promoters website will be populated, as we receive information from bands and musicians. Please check back regularly over the next few days and weeks.

To the public – please help our bands and musicians by purchasing their music. During these times of national lockdown, musicians are no longer able to perform live – an essential way that they normally make their livelihoods. Your support is greatly appreciated.

You can also support bands and musicians on another listing at Northern Jazz.

You can also support bands and musicians on another listing at Wakefield Jazz

Every Wednesday at 8:45pm – the time when live music usually starts at Scarborough Jazz – we’ll be releasing a whole package of jazz goodies on the internet.

JazzLeeds - northernjazzpromoters.orgSteve Crocker’s “Jazz Leeds Lockdown Session
Keep listeninhg and watching every Sunday afternoon at the usual gig time of 1:30-4pm (including a raffle!). Playing videos of jazz musicians and bands from our Jazz Youube archives from the last 10 years 

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