Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Tom Langham’s Hot Fingers at Dove jazz

Saturday the 23rd November Tom Langham’s Hot Fingers plus Emily Campbell

From Roger Marshall

Adrian Cox’s Profoundly Blue pulsating production showcasing the music of Edmond Hall last month would appear to have hit all of the right buttons with the Club’s appreciative audience on the night. These high calibre London based musicians certainly lived up to their reputations and gave of their all to ensure that no one left the venue deprived of Jazz ‘Satisfaction’ in the words of the Stones.

This show is coming to an end after two years of being on the road and Dove Jazz Club was honoured to have one of the show’s last performances staged on its well-trodden boards. A quote from a recent review by Sue Carrette of a performance on the 28th September in London’s Loughton Methodist Church, to raise funds for the National Jazz Archive, stated that ‘given Cox’s talent, experience and sheer passion for his music we can be sure that the best is yet to come.’ We trust that our Club shares in the predicted bright future for this most charismatic of musicians!

Whilst it will be difficult to top Adrian’s high octane performance we have the ideal people lined up for this task. I refer of course to November’s show stopping band Tom Langham’s Hot Fingers with their superb vocalist Emily Campbell who is both a delight to the eye and the ear as well as being one L of a vocalist. This ebullient group of popular musicians who all now reside close to Condicot in the Cotswolds are probably the most frequent musical visitors to our Club these days. Their ginormous combination of musical instruments covers a vast array of tones and styles. Mr Langham demonstrates his able mastery of the guitar, banjo and ukulele; the suave and handsome Danny brings us the guitar, mandolin, clarinet, bass clarinet and harmonica whilst the intelligent looking one, Malcolm gives of his all on the string bass, tuba and sousaphone. The saving grace of this combination is that the vocal renditions are in the more than competent hands of Tom and Emily.

Dove Jazz, Dove Holes Village, nr Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 8BG

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