Thursday, 14 November 2019

Jazz North northern line gigs coming up soon

Emma Johnson

 From Suzanne at Jazz North - three Northern Line bands playing soon!

Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat Saturday 16 November Jazz North East at The Globe
Emma Johnson’s Gravy Boat is a project led by Leeds based saxophonist and composer Emma Johnson. Emma's writing displays a contemporary sound rooted by infectious melodies and the group have been described as demonstrating a “strong and joyful bond, immediately apparent in their sound”. Emma Johnson, tenor saxophone Calvin Travers, guitar Sam Quintana, bass guitar Alasdair Wells, drums

Treppenwitz Saturday 16 November Zeffirellis, Ambleside
Treppenwitz is pianist Matthew Aplin, bassist Tom Riviere and drummer Steve Hanley. The band's music highlights explorative passages of beauty and space alongside explosive interludes, held together by the connective tissue of improvisation.

Mark Williams Trio
Friday 6 December Jazz at The Priestley Bradford
Influences from rock, metal and fusion, with added electronic effects, give this guitar trio from Newcastle an edgier and more modern sound, yet with melody and improvisation still at its core.
Mark Williams, guitar Paul Susans, bass Russ Morgan, drums

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