Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Human Element at The Globe - with a new manager!

Daz Trei
Schipmann/Ludwig – The Human Element 29 Sept

The Globe welcome to our new manager, Daz Trei, who has just started at The Globe, Newcastle, taking over from Ali Fyendysh who has moved to London.

Daz, who is originally from Yorkshire, has wide experience of pubs and clubs from both sides of the bar and a deep love of live music. 

“Having the opportunity to manage a community-owned venue that is committed to music is like a dream come true for me,” he said. “I love most live music, especially rock and blues and a bit of jazz. I also like beer.”

Contact Daz by email howdy@theglobenewcastle.bar or message the Globe Facebook page @TheGlobeNewcastleUponTyne.

The next big jazz gig at the Globe:  Schipmann/Ludwig – The Human Element
Sunday 29 September, doors open 7.30pm
Melodic original jazz combining UK and Germany influences. Originally from Cologne, Germany, guitarist Gero Schipmann has been an active part of London’s vibrant jazz scene for the past three years. Together with Cologne-based saxophonist and composer Johannes Ludwig, the two lead the Schipmann/Ludwig UK Quintet, a highly prolific band featuring some of the UK’s most sought after musicians, uniting the unique jazz scenes of England and Germany.

Gero Schipmann and Johannes Ludwig are close friends that share a musical identity that’s powerful and imaginative. Both of them compose for this quintet, their music sounds different yet fits together so naturally as if it was meant to be all along. Both are exciting virtuosos on their respective instrument and are joined by one of the hottest rhythm sections in the UK – Sam Leak on piano, Max Luthert on bass and Will Glaser on drums. Their music goes deep, reveals human desire, allows human error and inspires the listener to embrace everything that makes life worth living.
Gero Schipmann – Guitar
Johannes Ludwig – Alto Saxophone
Sam Leak – Piano
Max Luthert – Bass
Will Glaser – Drums

Gigs are at The Globe, Railway Street, Newcastle NE4 7AD. Visit the website to see all gigs at the Globe and much more jazz.coop/whats-on

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