Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Revealed: The Bootleg Eric Band at Wakefield

From Chris de Saram

Newton/Tracey band to play their music, primarily the Bootleg Eric Suite - Friday 20th April at Wakefield Jazz. The Bootleg Eric suite was written to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Wakefield Jazz. One piece was composed and titled Bootleg Eric, a Wakefield character (Eric Parkin) who always made his own recordings of Wakefield Jazz gigs. The suite was recorded and the consequent album also named “Bootleg Eric”. The band and the music was revived at last year’s Swanage Jazz Festival. Eric Parkin died shortly before that performance.

We asked Dave and Clark to reprise the music once more to celebrate the anniversary of Eric’s death.   After more than 20 years few of the original band were still playing or available.  This is also a variant of the Swanage band - a very special Octet. This will be a rare experience and should not fail to move us.#

David Newton   -              piano (composer)
Cark Tracey         -              drums (composer)
Steve Fishwick   -              trumpet 
Mark Nightingale -           trombone
Derek Nash         -              alto sax
Paul Booth          -              tenor sax
Dean Masser      -              tenor sax
Arnie Somogyi   -              bass


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