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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

2017 Highlights from Gill Wilde, Grimsby Jazz

There are of course many highlights in the jazz year at Grimsby Jazz, but nothing can come close to the "Grimsby Fish Tale" project, which itself had at least three highlights!

Commissioning Alan Barnes to write a suite of music about the Grimsby Fishing industry led to an amazing collaboration between Alan Barnes Pat McCarthy and poet Josie Moon. (First highlight). Recording the music and poetry was a great highlight particularly as the CD was a work of art in itself with the superb paintings of Dale Mackie used to set it off. The third highlight was the Arts Council funding to tour the project wh
ich led to the suite being played on Christmas Day on Jazz Now.

What a great finale to my last year as promoter of Grimsby Jazz. I am now passing on the reins to Warren Jolly at Moon on the Water to run the Grimsby Jazz gigs on a Thursday night. As a side note Grimsby Jazz is now in Cleethorpes following the tradition of our Grimsby Town Football team which plays its home matches in Cleethorpes!!

As an extra highlight I would cite the Seamus Blake Trio gig in February 2017. A great gig organised by the amazing Kim Macari Stone-Lonergan supported by a Norvol Jazz initiative.

Norvol Jazz is a great organisation run by inspirational people, it's been a privilege  working with all you Voluntary Promoters over the years. Thank you all.

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