Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Tom Langham’s Hot Fingers Combo at Dove Jazz

Barry Pryme writes

On Saturday the 25 November at 8-00pm Dove Jazz Club welcomes back one of its most exalted sons with his long standing close chums from the cloisters of the Cotswolds for what is pleasingly for us becoming their annual pre-Christmas visit to the ‘Centre of the Universe.’ Earlier on this year we decided that the much valued supporters of Dove Jazz Club would greatly benefit from two visits from Tom Langham’s Hot Fingers Combo in 2018. Fortunately we were able to find a brace of suitably available windows in their programme and we didn’t hesitate to get their names in the book as they say. A decision that we are fairly sure will meet with the members magnanimous approval.

Any combination of musicians that is put together by what we still consider to be a youngish Mr Langham is automatically guaranteed to carry a fearsome reputation for musical excellence. In the jazz world the name Langham or even Spats is synonymous with first class musical entertainment by able purveyors of tunes with great melodies and in the main, meaningful words linked by knowledgeable and entertaining cabaret. The whole spectacle of a Hot Fingers performance is delivered with ad hoc humour in between carefully chosen numbers that in the main had their debut in the musical spectrum of the 1920’s and 30’s.

Whilst the interestingly colourful tapestry of Mr Langham’s life from relative obscurity to the odd mention in ‘The Times’ is reasonably well documented. Whilst those of his gifted chums who form the rest of the Hot Fingers are somewhat more obscure. Nowadays very few performances of the combo are given without the presence of the melodic charms of the bands outstandingly delightful nightingale Miss Emily Campbell. Danny Blythe has expanded his musical abilities to readily take in the playing of the mandolin, harmonica and various clarinets including the bass version as well as the guitar. One of these days space will permit me to give details of Tom’s bass player, Malcolm Sked’s adventures on the road with the famed Bob Kerr’s Whoopee Band, accompanied by his sousaphone wearing one of his other jazz hats.

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