Friday, 7 April 2017

April Jazz in the North East

Chris Barber band South Shields 22 April
From Russell Corbett

April is a busy month with two North Eastern festivals book ending a cornucopia of delights. The 2017 Gateshead International Jazz Festival started us off on March 31 and the Darlington Jazz Festival concludes matters on International Jazz Day, April 30 (see other posts on the Northern Jazz Live blog) . The ‘between times’ gigs range geographically and stylistically …if you can’t find something of interest perhaps you’d do better looking elsewhere for your culture fix. Anyone for country and western?

Pianist and educator Paul Edis is as busy as ever. In addition to a heavy commitment at the Sage jamboree, Edis has four mid-month engagements; a duo date with violinist Emma Fisk (Apr 12) at Barnard Castle’s recently rebranded community venue The Witham, the Paul Edis Sextet playing an inaugural gig at Gosforth Jazz Club, Newcastle (Apr 13), a guaranteed sell-out lunchtime gig at Durham’s Gala Theatre (Apr 14) working with drummer Russ Morgan and Nicola Farnon, billed as the Nicola Farnon Trio and a Saturday morning (Apr 15) overseeing the student Early Bird Band in the upstairs room of the Jazz Café, Newcastle. Earlier in the month (Apr 7) Edis and saxophonist Graeme Wilson reunite to play a duo gig at the ‘Caff’ on Pink Lane.

The ongoing Chris Sharkey Trio residency at the Jazz Café continues (Apr 5 & 20), the Playtime Collective – Tom Bancroft, Martin Kershaw, Mario Caribe and Graeme Stephen – will be having a whole lot of fun at the same venue (Apr 25) and arch improvisers John Pope & Faye MacCalman reprise their successful 2016 duo gig on Apr 14.

The Big Chris Barber Band will sell out South Shields’ Customs House (Apr 22), so, book early or miss out. The Jazz Co-op presents gigs and workshops on a weekly basis. Two outstanding gigs in April to look forward to are the Brian Molley Quartet (Apr 22) and Alan Law and Dave Weisser’s   piano-vocals/cornet duo (Apr 27). The Dean Stockdale Trio featuring pianist Stockdale with Grant Russell, bass, and drummer Adam Dawson, fulfill a lunchtime date at Bishop Auckland Town Hall (Apr 28) prior to Stockdale’s participation at the 2017 Darlington Jazz Festival (Apr 28-30).                        
Don’t forget…you could always go to a country and western gig.  

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