Friday, 10 March 2017

Parr Jazz Liverpool March Bugle

John Wheatcroft 28 March

The Anglo Saxons called it 'Hylad Monath' aka The Stormy Month... hence the phrase: 'March winds doth blow and we shall have snow'. No snow down at Frederiks ParrJazz H.Q. but lots of blowing-  all of the jazz variety. Yep we've got an action packed month and no mistake. Four Tuesdays back to back with very special guests, featuring 1 trio, 1 quartet, a solo saxophone maestro & a virtuoso guitarist. Plus a milestone to celebrate! On 14th March we will have been in our present home for 3 years; the date marks our 3rd ParrJazz@Frederiks Birthday. Soon after in early April it's an even bigger one-  the 8th Birthday of ParrJazz! Yes we'll be celebrating 8 years of our fantastic weekly jazz club has been in existence- pop the date in your diaries as it'll be party time on the 11th April and no mistake. Look out for all the details in the next edition of 'The Bugle'.

But back to 'Stormy March'. First off on the 7th March we're delighted to welcome a new band to the club (well a band new to us at least) although one of their members is a regular guest of ours so we know it will be real quality music. Plus it promises to be wacky, quirky and fun too as it's- "The Flat Cap 3" with Ed Kainyek Jazz to put a smile on your face :) .

They're followed in by another combo on 14th March . A quartet comprising two old faces and two new ones: The Ben Crosland Quartet. Four top drawer players bringing their 'A' game- the finest jazz from 'Right Now to Way Back When'

The 21st March heralds the arrival of our first solo guest of the month, the wonderful saxophonist, clarinettist and flautist Mr. John Hallam. Gorgeous jazz to wallow in.

And don't fret there's one more jazz night left before the month ends. ('Fret' being the operative word as frets are the workplace of our final guest). On 28 March we are honoured to welcome Mr. John Wheatcroft. Variously described as- "The complete guitarist and /or the guitarists' guitarist" he is without doubt one the most accomplished players in the UK. Should be fun listening to him duetting or should it be duelling with our own 'in house'  'wunderkind' Tony .    

Till Next Month- Keep Swingin'! Keep Jammin'! & Keep the Faith!

Parr Jazz
32 Hope Street

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