Monday, 5 December 2016

Drawing Hands and Treppenwitz new album releases

Leeds based Drawing Hands are performing some of the most interesting music in the North of England jazz scene at present. Led by composer and double-bassist Sam Jackson. They perform original music inspired by 17th century counterpoint, traditional English folk and 21st century jazz. Their new album "March" is out today on James Hamilton's New Jazz Record label.

Dan Barker-Bey - Tenor Saxophone
Jack Chandler - Alto saxophone
Sam Jackson - Double bass
Harry Orme - Acoustic guitar

Video here:

Treppenwitz is a project dedicated to improvisation and the exploration of sounds within open structures. It was formed in January 2014 after (though not because) a Philadelphian drummer, Matthew McGraw, left the city of Leeds. The music they make can be seen as an indirect response to this. This night sees the launch of their new release, Short and Long Ditties.

Matthew Aplin - Piano
Steve Hanley - Drums
Tom Rivière - Double Bass

New Jazz Records was formed by James Hamilton in mid 2014 to document the creative output of jazz artists around the north of England. To record, release and promote original recordings by practitioners at the beginning of their careers.

The joint album launch is on Tuesday 6th December at Headingley Heart 7.30pm start

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