Monday, 28 November 2016

New Jazz Collective in formation on Merseyside.

Kevin Lovelady writes - "I'd appreciate any help you can provide in spreading the word about a new musical initiative I'm hoping to bring to fruition in the coming months.

I am interested in hearing from seasoned musicians or beginners, musicologists and listeners who would be interested in meeting on a regular basis as part of a music collective where people can get together, exchange ideas, develop projects, form alliances, jam a little, bring in professional musicians/educators etc to run seminars etc - very much in the tradition of co-operation and the workshop ethos of the 60s.

The focus would be on Nu/Neo styles around Jazz, Brazilian, Soul & Funk and their crossover fusions etc.

I would like to get people to express interest and then arrange for an initial meeting to discuss the format and organisation of the collective.

People can register their interest at

I look forward to hearing from you and if you would like to meet up to discuss further, please do not hesitate to reply or call me on the number below.

Best musical regards
07879 585886

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