Monday, 24 October 2016

News of Wandering Monster...

‘Wandering Monster‘ is the outlet for the compositions of Leeds based bass player Sam Quintana. The outfit features five of the finest and most active members of the Leeds jazz scene. Though they are accomplished as individuals, when together they form an entity greater than the sum of it’s parts: a monster- wandering… roaming…searching for off-kilter grooves, dynamic melodies and frantic free sections.

They have been awarded the opportunity to perform at a number of high profile jazz festivals across The North through the Jazz North Introduces scheme.

Their new two track EP on New Jazz Records was recorded on 26th October at Leeds Fold and is available here  The video taken by Maria Alzamora is here

Wandering Monster are appearing at the LS6 cafe in Hyde Park Leeds Wednesday 26 October 8pm
Address: 16 Headingley Ln, Leeds LS6 2AS

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