Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Leeds Jazz Club needs help!

From Sarah Sharpe

Hi all. Sadly Leeds Jazz Club will be closed tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. Other commitments have got in the way and I can no longer run the club as efficiently as I would like.
Leeds Jazz Club would like to thank all it's patrons and the bands that have supported the club over the years.

If anyone would like to take over the club, either as a single person or as a committee then please do message for details.

If you can help please contact Sarah lindyleeds@gmail.com or 07572 468388


The Leeds Jazz Club has been offering traditional jazz at various venues for almost the last 50 years. Their current venue was Tuesdays at the Armley Conservative Club, offering a night of live music. They had different bands throughout the year, so it always stayed fresh, covering genres like trad, dixieland, swing and smooth. It was the perfect excuse to put your dancing shoes on for a night of jives and windy hops. It'll be sad to see it fold - do spread the word!


** Just in - the latest (good!) news is that Malcolm Ford one of the Leeds JC regulars has agreed to take on the Leeds JC with some guidance from longtime promoter John Wall. The first night under the new management will be the Tame Valley Stompers on Tuesday 1st November and the wonderful Tom Sharp Big Band on Tuesday 8th November.

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