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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Katie Rogerson and the NHS choir sing for the FA cup...

Katie Rogerson with Harriet Nerva

You may not be a footie fan but jazz dudes should tune in to BBC1 today to watch the FA Cup Final just to see Katie Rogerson leading the NHS Choir singing "Abide with me" (and the National Anthem). As well as being a NHS children's doctor, Katie is an dazzling jazz singer hailing from Leeds. It will make a nice change therefore for her then singing to an audience of half a billion rather than (say) 40...

With Harriet Nerva and Joe Blunden, Katie started a campaign to get an NHS choir to number one in the charts at Christmas and astonishingly succeeded (taking on Justin Bieber and Simon Cowell in the process). Aneurin Bevan would have been proud of them.

So tune in today the Katie and the choir to see the build up for the Cup Final and planning for the choir on BBC 1 today (21-05-16).

Or alternatively come over to Scarborough Jazz Club at the Cask on Wed July 27th and hear her sing some jazz.. probably to that audience of 40...

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