Thursday, 10 March 2016

Sponsor a key for Inkwell's new piano!

Inkwell is a fantastic place - a safe, creative and accessible venue in Leeds challenging the stigma of mental health.

Seven Jazz, the voluntary jazz promoter in Leeds - use Inkwell to put on fortnightly jazz and blues concerts. Artists who have played there recently including Laura Jurd, Zoe Gilby, Steve Philips, Big Boy Bloater and Rommi Smith. They also run the "Inkwell Divas" vocal jazz sessions on Saturday afternoons, jam sessions on Sunday afternoons and their jazz choir on Monday evenings.

Seven Jazz want like to buy a Yamaha U3 piano for everyone to use at Inkwell and are putting some of their own funds in to do this. The piano is for everyone to use at Inkwell  - but we'd like the best jazz and blues pianists to beat a path to Inkwell's door!

So do help us by sponsoring a note (or two). Choose your key(s) and we'll make sure we put your name on Joe Warberton's artistic keyboard he's made to celebrate this event. There are 88 keys for you to choose from - you can donate just £5 for one, or buy an octave for £60. Thanks!

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