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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Sam Quintana's Wandering Monster at Heart

Sam Quintana (photo c Maria Alzamora) 

'Wandering Monster' is the outlet for the compositions of Leeds based bass player Sam Quintana. The outift features five of the finest and most active members of the Leeds jazz scene. Though they are accomplished as individuals, when together they form an entity greater than the sum of it's parts: a monster- wandering... roaming... searching for off-kilter grooves, dynamic melodies and frantic free sections.  Don't miss it!

Sam Quintana (db)
Andy French (ts)
Calvin Travers (g)
Oliver Cadman (p)
Tom Higham (dr)

'Whipping up a firestorm in the Leeds jazz scene-' Ozzy Moysey.

March 12th 7.30 p.m. £8 (£6)

Jazz at Heart
Heart Centre
Bennett Road
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS6 3HN

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