Monday, 1 February 2016

Paul Smith’s Jazz Collective dates

Nicki Allan (March 2nd)

Wednesday night Jazz at the Head of Steam Huddersfield in February and March

Feb 3rd      Rod Mason (sax), Brian Archer (trombone), Ronnie Bottomley (drums)

Feb 10th    Russ Vandenburg (sax), Nick Svarc (guitar)

Feb 17th   Joyce Bryant (vocals), Tony Siwek (sax)

Feb 24th   Si Kaylor (sax), James Lancaster (trumpet)

March 2nd  Nicki Allan (vocals), Rod Mason (sax), Ronnie Bottomley (drums)

March 9th Lee Hallam (trombone), Brian Archer (trombone)

March 16th  Ricardo Alverez (sax), Neil Morley (trumpet)

March 23rd  One not to be missed, ending their UK tour to promote their new album, Seven Pieces of Silver

Jazz collective fixer Paul Smith (drums) with
Andy Cholerton    Andrzej Baranek (keys)
Paul Chamberlain     Paul Baxter (bass)

Head of Steam
St George’s Square, HD1 1JB

Free- support the music with raffle participation

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