Thursday, 10 September 2015

James Hamilton, jazz entrepreneur

Leeds Media Centre - home of "Fold"

Leeds based trumpeter James Hamilton has been busy. His record label "New Jazz Records" has a new release, of Matt Anderson/Jiannis Pavlidis Duo - "Alone Together" on Sunday 20th September. It will be launched at Seven Jazz Leeds on Sunday afternoon 20 September at 1.30pm. Here's a link:
and here's a live recording at Trinity Church in Leeds:

James is also leading a new Jazz Hub organisation in Leeds called Fold. A group of Jazz Musicians in the city have rented a recording studio in Leeds Media Centre for use as a Jazz Hub. Leeds Media Centre is the home of a large number of media businesses including "Made in Leeds" TV. The recording studio is a lovely space complete with full recording equipment and a grand piano. James sees it as being both a recording space, a space for rehearsals and as a small performance space. In this he is hoping to emulate some of the successful projects run using the studio by the former Jazz Yorkshire organisation (eg "Demo in a Day" that enabled young musicians to produce a high quality demo examples to help them get work).  James sees the importance of it being affordable, especially for young professional jazz musicians coming from places like Leeds College of Music.  It's available now - contact James on

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