Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Outstanding jazz at Jazz North East

Paul Bream writes

"Well, our Summer season certainly went out with a bang - a storming, and well attended gig by French quintet OXYD. And our Autumn season should start in similar fashion on 13th September, with another French group - this time the quartet OZMA - playing two contrasting sets, the first consisting of the band improvising a soundtrack to a silent movie, before continuing the night with an outpouring of contemporary jazz vibrant with raw energy.

That OZMA appearance launches a run of gigs with a strong international flavour, reflecting the enthusiasm of overseas bands to come and play for the appreciative Tyneside audience. In quick succession we have Japanese pianist Yoko Miura, Luxembourg trio the Jeff Herr Corporation, and Oxford-born, Amsterdam-trained, and Berlin-resident reedman Toby Delius. But we’re certainly not neglecting the UK scene, so our opening Autumn series also brings in the exciting new London trio Glasshopper (featuring Hexham-born guitarist James Kitchman), the star-studded quartet Let Spin, and three of Tyneside’s leading players in Triptych.

This is, we hope, just the start of another sequence of outstanding jazz, crossing the borders of style and nationality. Very soon we’ll hear the outcome of an Arts Council funding application; if that’s been successful, then we have incredibly exciting plans for the rest of this year and through 2016. Just keep watching this space . . . "


13th September @ the Bridge Hotel
OZMA meets Buster 
French quartet improvises music to Buster Keaton’s silent movie ‘Three Ages’, followed by a straight instrumental set.

23rd September @ the Newcastle Lit & Phil
Yoko Miura & Charlie Collins + Zoë Gilby 
Superb Japanese pianist in an improv duo, plus a voice & electronics set from Zoë.

29th September @ the Jazz Café
Jeff Herr Corporation 
First ever UK appearance by groove-driven trio from Luxembourg.

4th October @ the Bridge Hotel
Toby Delius Trio 
Berlin-based reedman returns to Tyneside with bassist Olie Brice and drummer Mark Sanders.

11th October @ the Bridge Hotel
Glasshopper + Triptych 
Fantastic double bill brings together outstanding young London trio with hugely popular Tyneside group.

27th October @ the Jazz Café
Let Spin 
Return visit from one of the UK’s most exciting young groups, with four players at the top of their game.


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