Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Jenny and Rev. Ray at Scarborough

 Jenny Bray
  Ray Eveleigh

Jazz pianist Ray Eveleigh has become very much a jazz educator since retiring from the “cloth” in 2002. Having devised a jazz course consisting of ten sessions Ray decided to spend some of his new found free time by joining his Daughter, Jenny Bray, in the USA and teaching his course to several groups whilst over there.

Jenny, a fine pianist, noted vocalist and music teacher, returned from living in the States some ten years ago and teamed up with her Father to teach the course at Burton Agnes Hall. This association gave birth to The Burton Agnes Jazz Festival, which has now become an annual festival of note. The RevRay Quartet performs regularly at the festival and feature popular front-liners such as Frank Brooker and Thom Whitworth.

Wed 22 April will be a showcase of the work Ray and Jenny do and features some of their students. They will be joined by Bob Walker (bass) and Mike Hoggard (drums). www.revraymusic.com

Admission £5.

Scarborough Jazz @ The Cask Inn
Cambridge Terrace, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 2LQ

01723 500570

For more info go to www.scarboroughjazz.co.uk

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