Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Jazz North announce new Northern Line artists

Round 3 Northern Line artists at Matt & Phreds, Manchester on Tuesday 21 April 2015 (Picture by Porl Medlock)

Pictured from left Iain Dixon (Dixon Chisnall Duo, Manchester), Graeme Wilson (Graeme Wilson Quartet, Newcastle), Bob Whittaker (Blind Monk Trio, Liverpool), Dudley Nesbitt (Pan Jumby, Leeds), Matt Holborn (Matt Holborn Quartet, Leeds), Richard Ormrod (Pan Jumby, Leeds), John Pope and Lindsay Hannon (Lindsay Hannon Plus, Newcastle), Vanessa Rani Chutturghoon (Manjula, Leeds), James Mainwaring (Tipping Point, Leeds), Miles Spilsbury and Sam Dutton-Taylor (Cameron Vale, Leeds), John Bailey (John Bailey Quintet, Manchester), Stephen Grew (Grew Quartet, Lancaster), Les Chisnall (Iain Dixon / Les Chisnall duo, Manchester), Sam Bell (Bugalu Foundation, Leeds/Manchester/Liverpool).

From Jazz North 22-4-15

Jazz North, the northern jazz development agency, have today released the names of the 12 artists selected for the 3rd round of Northern Line. Northern Line artists are available with a subsidised artist fee from 1 September 2015 until 31 December 2016 and enable northern promoters to book high quality artists with low financial risk.

The Round 3 Artists are:
Graeme Wilson Quartet [Newcastle]
Tipping Point [Leeds]
John Bailey Quintet [Manchester]
Grew Quartet [Lancaster]
Bugalu Foundation [Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool]
The Lindsay Hannon Plus [Newcastle]
Matt Holborn Quartet [Leeds]
Cameron Vale [Leeds]
Blind Monk [Liverpool]
Manjula [Leeds]
Pan Jumby [Leeds] (under development)
Iain Dixon / Les Chisnall Duo [Manchester]

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