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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Jazz@Davenham 2014

Josh Kemp

Jazz at the Davenham Theatre this spring features these gigs

Thursday 23rd January 8pm
Josh Kemp Quartet. Josh is an acclaimed jazz saxophonist and composer known for his melodic inventiveness, warm tone and a heartfelt and lyrical approach to improvisation.
He will be joined by the Jamil Sheriff Trio, to make up the quartet.
The trio features Jamil on piano, with great Davenham favorites Pete Turner and Dave Walsh (bass & drums)

Thursday 27th February 8pm
Steve Oakes Quintet featuring George King - straight ahead jazz with one of our stalwart jazz@davenham supporters and favorite jazz guitarists. Steve is joined by Gavin Barras on bass, Ed Kainyek on tenor sax,Tim Franks on drums and George King on piano.

Steve played a fantastic set here in early 2012, to help the "new" jazz@davenham, and George King actually played our first concert in Nov 2011. I hope you will show Steve how much we appreciate his support.

Davenham Theatre: 59 Church Street, Davenham CW9 8NF

Spring Dates:
Thursday 23rd Jan 2014 Josh Kemp Quartet
Thursday 27th Feb 2014 Steve Oakes Quintet (featuring George King on piano)
Thursday 27th March 2014 White Canvas Quartet
Thursday 24th April 2014 Amy Roberts Quintet
FRIDAY 30th May 2014 Nicola Farnon Trio

Davenham Theatre: 59 Church Street, Davenham CW9 8NF



Dave Atherton

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