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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Jazz at The Lescar summer line-up

Cesca Grace Quartet 12 June
From Jez Matthews - the Jazz at The Lescar line-up for the next few weeks up to the beginning of August

We're particularly happy to host US guests sharing the stage with brilliant Sheffield-based musicians in two wonderful, and very different gigs, Jamie Taylor and Sheryl Bailey in a great guitar duo, and Greg Abate featuring with the always swinging Nicola Farnon Trio. Also based in Sheffield, the Cesca Grace Quartet make their Lescar debut, supporting the critically acclaimed trio led by Tori Freestone. Jamie Taylor is also with us for the return of powerful sax player Joel Purnell.

We're also really pleased to welcome tours from some of the finest talent from around the UK and Europe. Trumpet innovator Tom Syson is with us in early June, and a Scottish/Dutch collaboration LoLanders are sure to fire up the Lescar backroom later in the same month. Two of London's most engaging and innovative vocalists join us, with Brigitte Beraha and Fini Bearman bringing their own projects, the latter a reimagining of the music of David Bowie.

Two incredible bass talents bring their own very fiery, but also quite different projects John Pope and Huw V Williams are with us in July and August respectively. And finally we're delighted to welcome in July alto sax player Rachel Head with a fine sextet of new talent from the Cardiff jazz scene.

5th June 2019: Tom Syson £8
12th June 2019: Tori Freestone Trio + Cesca Grace Quartet £9
19th June 2019:  Lolanders £9
26th June 2019: Babelfish duo (Brigitte Beraha + Barry Green) £8
Saturday 29th June 2019 (at Holt Cafe) Jamie Taylor & Sheryl Bailey £10

3rd July 2019: John Pope Quintet £8
10th July 2019: Greg Abate with the Nicola Farnon Trio £9
17th July 2019: Rachel Head Sextet £8
24th July 2019: Joel Purnell & The Jamie Taylor Trio £8
31st July 2019: This is Not America - Fini Bearman/Tom Cawley/Calum Gourlay £8

7th August 2019: Huw V Williams Trio £8

Telephone: 0774 020 1939

The Lescar Hotel
Sharrowvale Road
S11 8ZF

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