Thursday, 31 December 2015

Matt Robinson's three!

From Matt Robinson Lancaster Jazz Festival

"My three highlights of the jazz year 2015:

Breaking Bread - The Lancaster Jazz Festival Artist Dinner 2015. 32 artists from around the UK sat together and planned new things, made new collaborations, designed future festivals and critiqued each others performances at the festival - and cooked, drank and ate together.

The 20th Manchester Jazz Festival (for obvious reasons) but especially the amazing team who LJF festival team ran around with for 2 days at MJF. They do incredible work and Steve Mead doesn’t seem to sleep.

Rodrigo Constanzo’s DFScore Project. A fantastic project that worked with musicians of all ages and abilities throughout the north culminating in a performance at MJF but with a years worth of outreach, development, workshops, collaborations and more.

Cheers and a very happy new year!


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