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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Building up a Head of Steam

Drummer and promoter Paul Smith writes with information about the autumn season at the Head of Steam at Huddersfield Railway Station. An eclectic mix of Jazz/Blues & Latin.

Sept 10th Adrian Ingram (guitar) with Terry Kenyon (vocals) - Blues Groove
Sept 17th Nikki Allen (vocals) with Rod Mason guesting on sax  Double Star Bill
Sept 24th Brendan Duffy (sax) with Al Morrison (guitar) and Jez Platt (keyboards)
Oct 1st     Rod Mason and Stuart McDonald – (Saxpalation)
Oct 8th    Jenny Smith (vocals) with Derrick Harris (guitar) Paul Baxter (bass) and ‘King’ Ronnie Bottomley on drums
Oct 15th  Matt Ball (trombone) with Ben Lowman (sax) Martin Longhorn (keyboards) and Paul Baxter (bass)
Oct 22nd Kevin & Julie Edwards (vocals and guitar) Jez Platt (keyboards) and Ben Crosland (bass)
Oct 29th  Derrick Harris (guitar) with Jez Platt (keyboards) Jazz Collective

Wednesdays at the Head of Steam
St George’s Square,

Show Time 8.30pm – support the music with raffle participation!

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