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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

JATP Bradford new venue - again!

The Weave at JATP

Considering, I believe, that Ronnie Scott only moved once, in our lovely and welcoming new third home which is Glyde House (BD5 0BQ - opposite the Ice Rink), first Friday of every month and sometimes the third Friday where a month has five of them, JATPjazz present ..

All Gigs :- 8.30pm - £7 / £5 (members, NUS) 01274 543547 http:/
Glyde also present food before the gig and have a tempting bistro-style menu with specials of ridiculous value. Call 01274 241117 for details

07 February 2014 - JOSH KEMP QUARTET
Philosophy at Oxford then Jazz at London's Guildhall and Trinity Schools of music, as well as an inveterate student, Josh is an acclaimed jazz saxophonist and composer known for his melodic inventiveness, warm tone and heartfelt and lyrical approach to improvisation. His latest album, Tone Poetry released in Nov 2013.
Josh Kemp - sax, Jamil Sheriff - piano, Pete Turner - bass, Dave Walsh - drums                 

Ben Crosland has performed with the UK's top Jazz Cats over the years as bassist and composer. 'Threeway' recently released "Looking Forward, Looking Back" with Jim Hart guesting on vibes. Here in his excellent quartet form, expect some 'killer' sax, piano and drum from Ben's excellent partners whilst Ben retains his vice-like grip on rhythm and melody and possibly reality.
Rod Mason - sax, Paul Kilvington - piano, Ben Crosland - bass, Dave Tyas - drums             

A quick 'how do' at Tessa's website and blog immediately reveals what a busy young lady she is including significant charity work and buoying the community bon homie in general. Have a quick Youtube will yield some great recent clips of Tessa's Quintet at Seven in Leeds where I have very reliable reports of much fun and frolics abroad, so do join us at JATP for even more. A great night beckons I reckons.
Tessa Smith - vocals, frolics, Stuart McDonald - sax, Andy Cholerton - piano, Bruce Reid - bass, John Arnesen - drums               

Enforced by life threatening and debilitating illness, JJ had to adjourn his MA at RAM in 2012, but tough as old boots and single-minded as ever, JJ returned to RAM in Sept 2013 and is back in London 'jazzing' with a vengeance to great acclaim. So it was with exquisite pleasure and relief that I re-arranged JJ's planned 2012 gig at JATPjazz. Again catching the eyes and ears of London's Jazz cognoscenti do come along to see what all the fuss is about and catch some stunning updating of bebop and hard bop with delightful injections of Radiohead and even Genesis.
JJ Wheeler - drums, Chris Maddock - alto sax, Nadim Teimori - tenor sax, Ralph Brown - piano, tbc - bass

a Jazz North ‘northern line’ gig
HSQ are strong and experienced sax players of distinctive voices and style, blending varying tonal qualities to create a special sound with bass, bari and 2 tenors performing classic and contemporary jazz especially composed and arranged for their combinations of saxes and other woodwind.. HSQ+2 is the natural addition of percussion and harp enabling yet greater wondrous music, They swing hard whilst remaining true to their rich European musical traditions with subtlety and depth.
Jim Collins - flute, alto sax, bari sax, Will Lenton - tenor sax, Helen Pillinger - alto sax, tenor sax, Helena Summerfield - bari sax, soprano sax Phil Bennett - perc, Rachael Gladwyn - harp

a Jazz North ‘northern line’ gig
Out of the ashes of the coalition’s austerity measures comes a new collective performing stripped-back versions of some of the music from Richard’s Miniature Brass Emporium and new original material. The quartet provides an intimate setting for some of his larger expansive music and a chance to hear the pieces as they were originally conceived. Microscopic is the new miniature! Whatever their 'size', Microscopic are 'CLASS!' - jazz of the highest order and all acoustic - no amplification - just like nature intended.
Richard Iles - trumpet, Mike Williams - alto sax, Percy Pursglove - bass, Les Chisnall - piano

After 13 years of recording, performing and broadcasting in Europe and USA, Brian Acton has re-settled in UK. Outings at Edinburgh, Bergen Blues, Roots + Manchester and Birmingham Jazz Festivals have carved Brian’s name on the jazz circuit where his relaxed vocals evoke the charm and finesse of a by‐gone era. It has been said that such is Brian’s smoothness, he could sell snow to Eskimos. This being Bradford, best fetch yer cool-boxes‎ /
Brian Acton - voice, guitar, Atholl Ransome - sax, flute, Bruce Reid - bass, Jonathan Hartley - drums


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