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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Head of Steam steams back....

Dean Masser

Looks like the Head of Steam jazz session at Huddersfield is back from the dead under the promotion of drummer Paul Smith. An "eclectic mix of Jazz/Blues & Latin" is promised on a new Wednesday night slot at 8.15pm. Good to see that Mark Chandler back gigging on 30 April - on vibes!

26th Feb      Laurie Briggs (vocals by special request)

5th March    Rod Mason (sax) (Regular Rod)

12th March    Brendan Duffy (Evergreen Saxman)

19th March    "Five Pieces of Silver" with Stuart McDonald (sax)

26th March   Jon Taylor (sax) /Adrian Ingram (guitar) (the Stalwarts)

2nd April   Rod Mason (again!)

9th April   Eddie Martel (vocals - got him at last)

16th April      Dean Masser (Top Saxman )

23rd April     Matt Ball ("Blowin Away the Blues" Trombone)

30th April   Derrick Harris (guitar)/Mark Chandler (vibes)

House Band will be from from...

Andy Cholerton - keys
Andrzej Baranek... keys
Jason Scott...keys
Paul Chamberlain... bass
Paul Baxter... bass
Ben Crosland... bass
Ronnie Bottomley ... drums
Paul Smith ...drums
Derrick Harris....guitar

Head of Steam
Huddersfield Station
 St. Georges Square
West Yorkshire
Tel:  01484 454 533

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